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I need an allergy immunotherapy partner who provides comprehensive solutions. Someone offering   solutions instead of just   selling products?   I’m on board! Someone offering   solutions instead of just   selling products?   I’m on board!


Interactive Allergy Map®

Developed by GREER®, this exclusive interactive tool offers you seasonal allergen data for each major city and most minor cities in every state. You can now click on allergens of interest and view those items in GREER’s catalog. You will also discover detailed botanical profiles for specific pollens.

Click the appropriate link below to find common airborne allergens in your region and connect with those items in the GREER catalog.

Customer Resource Center®

The GREER® Customer Resource Center® is filled with practical tools to assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of IgE-mediated allergies. This compilation of educational and training materials, patient education, information about GREER® products, practice tools, and scientific resources is available exclusively for GREER customers, with no need to earn points or participate in activities. More information will be added on an ongoing basis, so check back often for tools to assist you in your practice of allergy.

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May 5, 2014 GREER® Laboratories, Inc. Launches ORALAIR®, the First and Only Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Tablet with a Mix of Five Grass Allergens for the Treatment of Grass Pollen Allergy

March 10, 2014 GREER® Investigational Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Liquid (SAIL)™ for Short Ragweed Allergies Phase III Data Published in Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

December 12, 2013 FDA Advisory Committee Supports Approval of ORALAIR® for the Treatment of Grass Pollen Allergy

April 2013 USDA approves GREER® Extracts™ and GREER® Pharmacy Custom Prescriptions for Veterinary Sublingual Immunotherapy


April 1, 2014 GREER® Laboratories, Inc. Announces FDA Approval of ORALAIR®, the First Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Tablet, for the Treatment of Grass Pollen Allergy

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