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Why is Skin Testing Proficiency Important?

Skin Testing Proficiency Benefits Your Practice

  • If skin tests are performed or interpreted incorrectly, false positive or false negative results are more likely.1
  • Each skin testing device requires its own unique set of skills.1,2
  • Requiring skin testing proficiency may reduce the variability in skin test results between testing personnel and skin testing devices.1,2

Standardization is a Growing Trend in Allergy Immunotherapy

  • The trend in allergy immunotherapy is toward standardization of procedures.
  • The current practice parameter for allergy diagnostic testing issued by the AAAAI and the ACAAI states that2:
    • Proper training of skin testing technicians is essential.
    • Consistency in skin testing performance should be demonstrated by skin testing proficiency protocols.
    • Specific criteria for positive and negative test results should be established for the device used for testing.

What is the GREER® Skin Testing Proficiency Program?

The proprietary GREER® Skin Testing Proficiency Program is designed to optimize the accuracy, precision, and safety of skin testing. The Skintestor OMNI™ Proficiency Program is available now and the GREER® Pick® Proficiency Program is in development.

A GREER® Allergy Sales Consultant and/or a member of the Medical & Scientific Affairs team will provide training for you and your staff. GREER will work with your staff to help ensure more reliable and consistent skin testing using a protocol developed to help train participants on the skills needed to use GREER skin testing devices to obtain consistent and accurate results.

After the training program is complete, each participant who achieves proficiency will receive a Proficiency Certificate. Learn more by viewing the Skintestor OMNI Skin Testing Proficiency Program brochure.

How Can You Participate?

Let us know that you are interested in the Skin Testing Proficiency Program for your clinic. Contact your GREER® Allergy Sales Consultant, call your Customer Care Specialist at 800.378.3906, or visit

Skintestor OMNI™ is manufactured by QTI Corporation and distributed by GREER®.


1. Cohn JR, Bahna SL, Wallace DV, Goldstein G, Hamilton RG. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology work group report: allergy diagnosis in clinical practice. American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology website. Documents/Practice and Parameters/Allergy-Diagnosis-2006.pdf. Published November 2006. Accessed August 19, 2014.

2. Bernstein I, Li J, Bernstein D, et al. Allergy diagnostic testing: an updated practice parameter. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. March 2008;100(Suppl 3):S1-S148.

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