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Epithelia, Dander, Hair & Feathers

  • Our updated technology enables us to produce and stock large quantities of dog, cat, and many other animals’ dander and epithelia*.
  • Epithelia and dander are supplied acetone defatted and milled to facilitate extraction of allergen components.
  • Feathers are milled to aid in the extraction process.
  • Animal hair may be purchased without further processing.
  • All epithelial materials are collected from animals certified to be free from communicable diseases.

* Epithelia contain both hair and the outer epidermal layer of skin.

Epithelia, Hair, and Feathers

Item #  
E2 Canary Feathers
Serinus canaria
E3 Cat Epithelia
Felis catus (domesticus)
E66 Cat Hair
Felis catus (domesticus)
E4 Cattle Epithelia
Bos taurus
E77 Chicken Feathers
Gallus gallus (domesticus)
E7 Dog Epithelia, Mixed-Breed
Canis familiaris
E46 Dog Hair
Canis familiaris
E79 Duck Feathers
Anas platyrhynchos
E50 Gerbil Epithelia
Meriones unguiculatus
E11 Goat Epithelia
Capra hircus
E78 Goose Feathers
Anser domesticus
E14 Guinea Pig Epithelia
Cavia porcellus (cobaya)
E44 Hamster Epithelia
Mesocricetus auratus
E15 Hog Epithelia
Sus scrofa
E17 Horse Epithelia
Equus caballus
E20 Mouse Epithelia
Mus musculus
E22 Parakeet Feathers
E23 Pigeon Feathers
Patagioenas fasciata
E24 Rabbit Epithelia
Oryctolagus cuniculus
E25 Rat Epithelia
Rattus norvegicus
E68 Wool, Sheep
Ovis aries


Item #  
E63 Cat Dander/Antigen
Felis catus (domesticus)
E64 Dog Dander, Mixed-Breed
Canis familiaris
E16 Horse Dander
Equus caballus
E32 Poodle Dander
Canis familiaris
E40 Specific Breed Mixed Dog Dander
Canis familiaris

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