Stallergenes Greer


  • Our scientists verify the identity and purity of all insects.
  • Field-collected insects are caught live and frozen immediately. Biting insects are laboratory reared to ensure consistent diet and absence of blood meal.
  • Cockroaches are grown on a controlled medium to ensure consistency.
  • Our extensive network of collectors ensures a diverse supply of species.
Item #  
B31 Ant, Carpenter
Camponotus pennsylvanicus
B47 Ant, Fire
Solenopsis invicta
B14 Ant, Fire
Solenopsis richteri
B26 Cockroach, American
Periplaneta americana
B46 Cockroach, German
Blattella germanica
B60 Cockroach, Oriental
Blatta orientalis
B22 Flea
Ctenocephalides canis/C. felis
B43 Horse Fly
B8 House Fly
Musca domestica
B12 Mayfly
B55 Mosquito
B11 Moth

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