Stallergenes Greer


  • Our extensive network of collectors ensures a diverse supply of hymenopteran species.
  • Identity and purity are verified by our scientists.
  • The products are formulated to contain clinically relevant species and are lyophilized to ensure stability and labeled potency.
  • Consistency of product quality and potency is controlled by laboratory tests for protein, hyaluronidase and phospholiphase activity, and comparison to in-house reference preparations.
Item #  
V16 European Hornet
Vespa crabro
V15 Honey Bee
Apis mellifera
V89 Mixed Hornet
Dolichovespula spp.
V90 Mixed Paper Wasp
V88 Mixed Yellow Jacket
Vespula spp.
V8 White (Bald)-Faced Hornet
Dolichovespula maculata
V7 Yellow Hornet
Dolichovespula arenaria

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