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Allergenic Trees of Alaska

Pollen allergens with hyperlinks are available in GREER's catalog. Click on the allergen that you are interested in and connect with that item in GREER's catalog.

To learn more about a particular pollen allergen, click on the PDF icon [PDF] of that allergen. These botanical profiles are available for download and include a detailed profile, genus/species and family, location(s) found in the United States and photograph(s) of the pollen.

Marked Cells () signify taxon present in area. Unmarked Cells signify taxon absent in area or unconfirmed.

1 Cross-reactive species grouped together in colored cells
2 Italicized species demonstrate only moderate cross-reactivity with other(s) in the group
3 This species is insect-pollinated

Most trees pollinate in the spring.

Arctic Slope Bering Strait Interior South Central Gulf Panhandle
  Barrow   Nome   Fairbanks   Anchorage   Kodiak   Juneau Ketchikan
Cross-Reactive Trees 1                        
217: Alder, Red : Click for botanical profile                     x x
Alder, other     x   x   x   x   x x
Birch, other     x   x   x   x      
75: Aspen : Click for botanical profile         x   x          
444: Cottonwood, Black/Poplar, Balsam : Click for botanical profile         x   x   x   x  
Willow 2 x   x   x   x   x   x x
Other Trees                        
Juniper, other     x   x   x       x x
Maple, other                     x x
Pine, other                     x x

Data obtained from: Hulten, Eric. 1968. Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories. Stanford Univ. Press

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