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GREER® Extracts™ and GREER® Pharmacy Custom Prescriptions USDA Approved for Veterinary Sublingual Administration

At GREER®, we are committed to providing quality products and services to veterinary dermatologists. You can be confident in the extensive line of GREER® Extracts™ − trusted by over 160 dermatology practices and 27 veterinary colleges in the United States. GREER offers products to support all aspects of your allergy practice. Click here to view the full range of GREER Veterinary Products.

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All the Tools You Need to Compound SLIT Prescriptions…Or Let GREER® Pharmacy Do it for You.

GREER® Extracts™
  • Wide selection of allergenic extracts available in aqueous and glycerinated formulations
  • Multiple sizes and strengths to meet your practice needs
  • More than 98% of stocked products shipped the same or next business day1
50% Glycerin Saline
  • Optimal for SLIT because its sweet taste is more palatable to pets2 and enhances patient acceptance.3
  • Efficient 100 mL vial with a shelf life of six years from the manufacturing date
  • Provides stability and extends potency of extract mixtures4,5
  • Preserves potency of concentrated allergenic extracts effectively throughout their shelf life under appropriate storage, shipping, and administration conditions6,7
SLIT Delivery System
  • Amber vial and metered-dose pump delivery system for SLIT prescriptions, including:
    • 15 mL amber glass vials
    • 200 µL snub nose pump
    • 50 µL hook nose pump
    • 140 µL hook nose pump
GREER® Optimix® Two Extract Mixing Syringes
  • Optimal for SLIT − 23-gauge syringe quickly draws thick, viscous glycerinated extracts and 50% Glycerin Saline

GREER® Optimix® Two Syringe is manufactured by Sol-Millenium and distributed by GREER®.

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GREER® Interactive Allergy Map®

Allergy Map Developed by GREER, this exclusive tool offers you data for each major city and most minor cities in every state. It’s a dynamic resource you’ll want to bookmark and return to regularly. Click the map now to find common airborne allergens in your region.


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