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Freeze-Dried (Lyophilized) Extracts

Freeze-dried (lyophilized) extracts are intended for laboratory or further manufacturing use and can be prepared from most of the source materials listed in our catalog as well as some items not listed (subject to availability of material).

  • Freeze-dried products have a shelf life of 10 years (5 years for venoms). One lot of lyophilized material can be used over the course of several years, which can reduce issues related to lot-to-lot variability.
  • Freeze-dried products can be reconstituted to reach targeted dilutions to achieve specified protein per mL concentrations.
  • Freeze-dried extracts are prepared without the use of preservatives or buffer salts that can interfere with certain tests or processes for which freeze-dried products are used.
  • Freeze-dried extracts are labeled with Bradford protein and dry weight contents.
  • Additional testing can be provided upon request.

Some of the more common lyophilized extracts are dust mites, latex, cockroaches, peanut, short ragweed, Candida albicans, and pig Ascaris. Many extracts are maintained in inventory for immediate shipment.

Analytical Testing

GREER offers analytical testing for total protein, moisture, specific allergen content (eg, Der p 1, Der f 1, Amb a 1, Fel d 1, Can f 1), and endotoxins as well as other tests specified by our customers. Contact your GREER Customer Service Representative for pricing.

Custom Products

GREER® can work with customers to develop and manufacture source materials in conformance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice to meet customer-defined specifications. We also provide analytical testing for total protein, moisture, and specific allergen content as well as other tests specified by customers.

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Product Literature

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